7 Easy Steps to get back on your Keto Diet during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Life as we know it has been turned upside down as we all come to terms with this devastating global trauma. In the midst of all this we are trying to keep safe and keep a sense of normality so that we can pull through, for ourselves, our loved ones and for humanity.

For many of us we were on the ketogenic diet before this virus became a global pandemic which resulted in empty supermarket shelves and lockdown. You may have found it hard to stick to your keto diet as you found yourself back into your old eating habits due to stress, anxiety and emotional eating. You may have felt it was impractical to hunt around for keto-friendly foods when you were struggling to buy basic needs such as toilet paper and worrying about whether you were going to be furloughed. Whatever your reason, here are 7 easy steps to get you back on your keto diet.

1. Take a deep breath and release guilt. You may be feeling like a failure for not sticking to your keto diet but it is important that you show yourself some compassion and make a decision to put this behind you. You did the best you could do for the situation you were in.

2. Begin to track your current carbohydrate intake by using a keto app. Remember how you did this when you first started? This helps you to understand how much extra carbs you are now eating and the types of carbs. This will help you can create a plan on how to reduce them.

3. Create a list of the non-keto-friendly foods you are eating and start looking for substitutions to make your transition back into keto easy. Look for keto recipes online or look out for my new book Keto Diet for Beginners Quick Start Guide: The 7-Day Ketogenic Diet for Fast Weight Loss with Delicious Healthy Recipes and start incorporating these into your daily meals.

4. Start reducing your carbs by 25-50g a day. It is not advisable to go cold turkey as the sudden drop in carbohydrates will be a shock to your system and your more likely to experience the keto-flu. Remember what that was like? Not very pleasant if you had the misfortune to go through it the first time.

5. Start clearing out your cupboards of non-keto foods to resist temptation or place them in a bag at the back of your cupboard if you know you can be very disciplined when you set your mind to it.

6. Create a plan around family friendly keto meals so you know what you are cooking for family members who are not on the ketogenic diet. You can then incorporate substitutions for yourself or for them. E.g. if you are cooking steak, asparagus and mash for dinner, you could serve this for the family and make cauliflower mash for yourself instead.

7. Drink plenty of water. The state of nutritional ketosis causes our body to lose lots of water so it is important to keep hydrated for good kidney and overall health.

Feel free to drop me an email when you get started to help you feel accountable. It can be helpful to know you are not alone (

Natasha Wrightington is a keto diet coach and author. Her new book Keto Diet for Beginners Quick Start Guide is due to be published on Amazon at the end of June.

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